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What areas do you treat at Clear Communication Speech Therapy?

We treat speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, stuttering/fluency disorders, and language delays/disorders for early childhood through school age children.

How do I know if my child needs an evaluation? 

Schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your concerns about your child.  During the phone call, we will ask you questions about your child's development and areas of concern to determine if your child needs an evaluation.

What happens during the evaluation? 

An evaluation is an in depth assessment of your child's communication skills.  Formal and informal testing in the area of concern for your child will be used, together with information that you provide regarding your child's development and areas of need.  Following the evaluation, the results and recommendations will be discussed with you, and a written evaluation will be provided to you.

If my child needs therapy, how long and often are the sessions? 

Sessions range in length from 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 1 hour, and the frequency of sessions varies depending on your child's needs and you and your child's schedules.

Where are sessions held? 

We offer sessions in the convenience of your home, daycare facility, or school if you are within a 20 minute drive from Lakewood, NJ.  If you live in other areas of New Jersey or throughout the state of New York, we offer teletherapy.

Do I need to be present at my child's speech therapy sessions? 

It is often beneficial to be present at your child's speech therapy sessions, but we understand that this will not always be possible, especially if your child is being seen at daycare or school.  To ensure that you are always an active participant in your child's treatment, we provide suggestions for home practice after each session to facilitate achievement of goals.  As part of your child's treatment plan, we offer monthly phone or video meetings to discuss your child's progress.

Do you take insurance? 

Clear Communication Speech Therapy is an out of network private practice.  We are happy to give you documentation to provide self claims to your insurance company.  Because we are an out of network practice, we are able to recommend the best treatment plan completely individualized for your child, unrestricted by the insurance companies.  In addition, please be aware that many insurance plans have a deductible that needs to be met before they will reimburse you for therapy, as well as per session copayments.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept credit card or cash payments.                  

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